About Us

The Santa Barbara Cutting Board Company was born out of a love for classic surfboard designs, a passion for food, the culinary experience, fine woodworking, and recycling.


Owner and founder, Joel Hoffmann, has been designing and fabricating custom furniture, cabinetry, and wood products in Santa Barbara, California for more than a decade. Joel is dedicated to providing creatively designed, sustainable and meticulously crafted furniture, cabinetry and wood products that are built to last and that may be enjoyed for generations.


It was out of this dedication to quality and desire to be good stewards of our earth’s resources that the Artisan Surfboard Cutting Board was inspired. After receiving a semi truckload full of reclaimed Eastern Hard Maple from Stanford University, Joel began thinking of how he could best utilize the material.


Remembering the cutting boards and serving platters that he had crafted in college to help pay his bills, he thought this might be a good fit for the material. 1000’s of boards later, we at the Santa Barbara Cutting Board Company continue to emphasize the same craftsmanship and quality of materials that went into the first few boards.  


It is our desire, as we watch so many poorly made, mass-produced  products coming on the market, that we be counter cultural to the “China trend” as we call it. Instead of making a product that is used only a short time by the consumer before it breaks or is thrown away, we desire to make products that last. Our products are 100% made in Santa Barbara, California, USA!


 Our boards are hand shaped one at a time, and are of the highest quality on the market. We use water proof glue for our glue joints, and although we use reclaimed or recycled lumber whenever possible, we never use any materials unless they meet our highest standards of quality. All of our boards come pre-finished with food grade mineral oil, and with proper care, you should never have a problem with any of our products.


We stand behind our products completely, we are human after all, and if there IS ever a problem that is due to craftsmanship or poor material that slipped past us, we will fix or replace it free of charge.


We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy crafting them for you!