Boardwalk / Pier / Backpacker: Traditional Square Cutting Boards & Cheese Platters

For those who prefer the shape of a more traditional "square" cutting board, and appreciate fine craftsmanship, durability, and beautiful woods and wood patterns... we have just the thing: Our "Boardwalk", "Pier", and "Backpacker" square cutting boards.  

The Boardwalk, 7.5" x 12", is truly a great size for everyday use in the kitchen. We have talked with many customers who have shared with us that this is their "go to" board on a daily basis even though they have other larger square cutting boards at their disposal. Lightweight and easy to clean and store.

The Pier, 6.5" x 10", is a great board size for occasional cutting or chopping, cheese platters, or for serving appetizers. 

The Backpacker, 7.5" x 7.5"... the name says it all. It's very size makes it a great cutting board for wherever you may want to take it. Great for keeping behind the bar for slicing lemons and limes. Another popular use is as a designated garlic and onion chopping board, or keeping one behind the bar for lemons and limes. 

Our boards are handshaped and handcrafted in Santa Barbara, CA.  The hardwoods for each board have been carefully and individually selected for character and grain. Whenever possible we use reclaimed and repurposed hardwoods.  We pride ourselves in producing exceptionally beautiful, highly durable, 100% AMERICAN MADE cutting boards & serving platters.  All our boards come finished with food grade mineral oil, unless specific requests are made to have an unfinished board.